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  Directors, actors and producers

Directors/programmers of international festivals

Bulgarian directors who will present their films at the 2002 Sofia Film Festival
    Directors, actors and producers

Liubisha Samardjic - Yugoslavia, director and actor (14-16th March)
Jafar Panahi - Iran, director (13-16th March)
Pawel Pawlikowski - United Kingdom (15-18th March)
Nikolina Kujaca- Macedonia, actress (15-18th March)
Vlado Yovanovski - Macedonia, actor (17-18th March)
Pavel Lungin - Russia, director (16-17th March)
Andreas Pantzis - Cyprus, director (16-20th March)
Erick Zonca - France, director (18-25th March)
Radivoje Andric - Yugoslavia, director (21-24th March)
Zoran Cvijanovic - Yugoslavia, producer (21-24th March)
Milko Iosifov - Yugoslavia, producer (21-24th March)
Alexandru Papadopol - Romania, actor (21-24th March)
Dom Rotheroe - United Kingdom, (22-26th March)
Arpad Sopsits - Hungary, director (23-26th March)
Goran Markovic - Yugoslavia, director (21-23rd March)
Dejan Acimovic - Croatia, director (27-31st March)
Theo Angelopoulos - Greece, director (31st March)
Karl Baumgartner - German, producer, (16-19th March)

We are still waiting for confirmation from the following

Pal Nalin - India, director (18-19th March)
Nuri Bilge Ceylan - Turkey, director (22-24th March)
Gjergj Xhuvani - Albania, director (22-25th March)
Nelofer Pazira - Canada, actress (27-31st March)
Mohsen Mahmalbaf - Iran, director (28-31st March)
Dito Tsintsadze - Georgia, director
Lakis Papastathis - Greece, director
Elzhana Popova - Bulgaria, actress

Directors/programmers of international festivals

Galina Kopaneva - Czech Republic, Karlovi Vari, programmer (21-24th March)
Francis Gavelle - France, Cannes, Critics Week, programmer (21-24th March)
Claude-Eric Poiroux - France, Angers, director (22-24th March)
Stefan Laudyn - Poland, Warsaw, director (21-24th March)
Kiril Razlogov - Russia, Moscow, programmer (21-24th March)
Elma Tataragic - Bosna and Herzegovina, Saraevo, programmer (21-24th March)
Roland Rust - German, Cottbus, director (19-24th March)

We are waiting for confirmation from

Michel Demopoulos - Greece, Thessaloniki, director (21-24th March)
Dimitri Elpides - Greece, Toronto, programmer (21-24th March)
Shane Danielson - United Kingdom, Edinburgh, director(21-24th March)
Sandra Hebron - United Kingdom, London, deputy director (21-24th March)
Sergei Lavrentiev - Russia, Kinotaurus, artistic director (21-24th March)
Thom Palmen - Sweden, Umea, director (21-24th March)
Miroliub Vuckovich - Yugoslavia, Belgrade, programmer (23-25th March)
Dejan Pavlovic - Macedonia, Skopje, director (27-29th March)

Bulgarian directors who will present their films at the 2002 Sofia Film Festival

Nikolai Volev - "Devil's Mirror"
Dimitar Petkov - "Devil's Tail"
Liudmil Todorov, Ivailo Hristov - "Emigres"
Magardich Halvadzhiyan - "Winnings"
Ivan Pavlov - "Fate like a Rat"
Teddy Moskov - "Rhapsody in White"
Alexander Morfov - "Blueberry Hill"
Kostadin Bonev - "Warming up Yesterday's Lunch"
Petar Popzlatev - "Visited by God" - Television version
Svetlio Draganov - "Water Spirits"
Vasil Stefanov - "Lighter than Light"

* Note. The dates in brackets refer to arrival and departure.
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